Who We Are


MAOFU Home and Community-based Services (HCS) has a contract with the Texas Department of Aging and Disabilities Services (DADS) to provide home and community-based services to individuals with developmental disabilities in group home, in their own home, or at an alternate residence such as a foster home.

We are dedicated to providing high quality community residential services to individuals with developmental disabilities by fostering personal growth and independence, respecting the rights of each individual, and treating them the way we would want to be treated.

We believe that people with developmental disabilities have the right to live and work in the most normal or least restrictive settings as is consistent with their abilities, and that they should be afforded the same dignity and rights as all other citizens.

The HCS Program

The HCS program is a Medicaid-funded program administered by DADS. The program offers a community-based alternative to institution-based programs. The eligibility to the program is determined by criteria established by State and Federal rules. Individuals with mental retardation or related conditions who meet Medicaid or SSI eligibility criteria, and individuals coming out of State Schools of Mental Retardation are eligible to apply.