The following people and resources are available to those we serve in the Austin Texas area:

Program Manager

Maofu HCS has a program manager on staff who is responsible for coordinating the development and implementation of each Person Directed Plan(PDP), coordinating and monitoring the delivery of needed services, recording the individual’s daily progress, and helping the individuals achieve their goals and desires.



Our staff includes nursing assistants and registered nurses with several years of experience in the health field, who will ensure that the general health and well-being of our customers are addressed in a timely manner. Services include, but are not limited to: administering medications and monitoring the individual’s use of medications, monitoring health data and information, assisting the individual with secure emergency medical services, making referrals for appropriate medical services, performing health care procedures prescribed by a physician or medical practitioner and required by standards of professional practice or law to be performed by licensed nursing personnel.


Supported Employment

Maofu HCS provides supported employment services to assist individuals in obtaining and maintaining work in the community. Work is an important part of life and it helps the individuals learn, progress, and feel more independent. Maofu HCS will ensure any requested employment will be suitable and matched to each individual’s abilities.


Day Habilitation Services

Each individual will be assisted in acquiring, retaining and/or improving self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in the community. The day habilitation program provides individuals the opportunity to participate in age-appropriate activities that enhance self-esteem and maximize their functional level, and provide the training and support activities which promote integration and participation in the community.


Minor Home Modification

Maofu HCS provides minor home modification if needed to ensure safety, security, and accessibility within the individual’s home, such as: wheelchair ramps, modification to bathrooms and kitchens, and other adaptations to the home such as door widening, handrails, etc.


Adaptive Aids

Maofu HCS provides adaptive devices which enable individuals to retain or to increase their abilities to perform activities of daily living. Such devices include: mobility aids and lifts, medically necessary supplies, communication aids, environmental control units, etc.


Respite Care

These services are provided to individuals who are in need of an emergency or planned short-term care and who are residing in their family home or in their own home.


Dental Care

Dental care services which include preventative, emergency, therapeutic and orthodontic dental treatments will be provided by a licensed dentist in Texas.